mule sock
mule sock
mule sock

mule sock

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Rain, snow, wind, rock... Nothing can stop her. The beast advances. Its legs, stained with mud, do not weigh it down, its abrupt chest and forged over the years moves tons as if it were air, that is how THE MULE works.

His impassive gaze, his goal: survival. Experienced, she tugs at the load, the harness taut, the cinching ripped, she doesn't slow down. It does not matter how, it does not matter where, under the muddy mountain terrain or on a path infested with stones.

Queen of sacrifice, lady of constancy, this is the warrior of strength. A true hardened beast at work, behold our squat warrior.
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Made in Spain


We are not into "fast fashion" our garments are made to last. We use organic cotton that is grown without the use of pesticides and they provide extra softness to our socks.

We take care of the planet and also of your feet. Train more comfortably for longer.

Perfect on wods

And always prepared for any afterwood. Dress the Twogies with your metcons or your vans, we are with everything!

away worries
Forget the chafing

The Twogies are manufactured in a single piece and with a "seamless" union technology with which you can forget about any type of chafing.

The toe and heel have extra "cushion". Thanks to the elastic incorporated in the instep they will not move from their place.

Simply the best socks on the market.

Original designs

European-class artists are in charge of putting color to the twogies

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