Twogies X Madto.Be

Twogies X Madto.Be

What began with a one-off collaboration to create the Twogies corporate identity has evolved into a collection of 4 exclusive socks designed by Madto.Be, and the truth is that we couldn't be happier.

When things flow, there is no stopping them, which is why this collaboration was coming from the moment we met. Javi Luque, whose stage name is Madto.Be, is largely to blame for this.

He has managed to capture the essence of our message and incorporate our values ​​into all his creations, giving them his own dynamic touch.

His creations and his positive emotions have been reflected in the designs, bringing freshness and liveliness to the collection that bears his name: Madto.BE

Discover the collection by clicking here

Javi Luque himself tells us his impressions and his story in the following clip: