The Classic Online Comp What is it?

The Classic Online Comp ¿Qué es?
We are very proud to say that we are official sponsors of the competition. The Classic was born with the mission of somehow filling the gap left by the open on the calendar.

How does it work?

It is very similar to open. Five weeks in which a workout will be published every Thursday. You have 4 days to complete the wod and upload the result to the platform. Once added your result will be ranked according to your division.

What are the prizes?

Participants will be eligible for cash prizes that could reach up to €4,000 in total. But not only the best will receive prizes, there will also be raffles every week and the global champions will receive an invitation to the Madrid Championship .

How do I sign up for The Classic?

Very easy, you just have to enter this link .

We are prepared

An excellent opportunity to test yourself with athletes from all over the world, there are already many confirmations of top athletes from around the globe. Twogies will be present supporting the competition as official sponsors . We will raffle socks among all the participants in The Classic and you will also have exclusive advantages for participating in the competition . This is about to kick off, are you ready?