The technology behind the design

La tecnología tras el diseño

At Twogies Brand we manufacture socks focused on high performance sports that have been tested by elite athletes. That is why, behind our design, a technology must be found to match what athletes demand.

In this blog we name the main technical characteristics of our sock and why it can provide extra comfort and performance, from its daily use to its use in training and competitions.

The fiber used by Twogies in all its socks is a polyesteramide fiber that receives the technical name of Kotton Yarn, due to its evolution over conventional cotton yarn.

This synthetic fiber has a hygroscopicity rate (moisture absorption) similar to a cellulosic fiber, as well as advanced quick-drying characteristics.

Its excellent resistance to pilling, friction and washing make it a product with greater durability.

In addition, Kotton Yarn fiber is biodegradable, with results certified through analysis performed by Northeast Laboratories, Inc. (Lab Report #: 170908CCO). In a laboratory test it was verified that, during 15 days exposed to the high action of biological agents, biodegradability rates of 9.7% were obtained, highly superior to conventional fabrics.

Among its characteristics are:

    • Gradual compression of the cuff and shaft thanks to the synthetic fiber of the sock compound, allowing an optimal fit, preventing it from slipping and promoting perfect blood circulation.
    • Reinforcement that surrounds the instep and provides extra support, making it difficult for the internal displacement of the fiber fabric.
    • Seamless and reinforced toe and heel for greater durability.
    • Padded terry sole for greater cushioning and walking comfort, favoring sweat absorption thanks to the advanced drying properties of this fiber.