CrossFit Open 22.2 - In detail in SPANISH

CrossFit Open 22.2 - Al detalle en ESPAÑOL

Second week of Open and we hope you have your lower back well prepared because it's time to party!

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The wod consists of a couplet (two exercises) deadlifts and burpees over the bar in a pyramid of raising and lowering from 1 to 10. We would like to tell you that it will be easy, but it will be difficult and it will leave a great trace for 1-2 days . Everything will depend on your performance in the deadlift during the wod, a bad execution will give you a good lumbar hangover.

But hey! We won't be the ones who cry, we love walking and this is CrossFit! let's go for all 💪💪💪

The Workout Open 22.2

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps for time of:

Bar facing burpees

102kg Men
70kg Women

Time cap: 10 minutes


How to deal with it?

The advice not to vary begins with DON'T GET EXCITED and contain your energy. Starting very fast @ can take you to the hole. We start with a rhythm that we can continue to move with throughout the wood.

The toughest rounds are from the 8 rep up round to the 8 down rep round. In that part many bar and burpee reps accumulate and can be done forever. Move, don't stop, pace pace and the worst part will be over.

Once you get to round 5 down, then squeeze. It is a round that everyday athletes like you and I will have a hard time getting to, but the Open is created to excel and improve.

A good warm-up and a refined technique in the deadlifts can make the hangover of this wod more bearable.

Smart burpees can also get you very high, you will spend 80% of the time of the wod on the ground burpeing so it's important to burpee smart. Drop to the ground and brake with your chest, or lower yourself into a backward lunge. Spend as little time as possible lying down and get up with a stride, step and jump. If you have to stop to breathe, DO IT STANDING.

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