CrossFit Open 22.1 - In detail in SPANISH

CrossFit Open 22.1 - Al detalle en ESPAÑOL

Hello and welcome to what will be our second open 👏👏 Last year was brutal, every week we visited a different box, we were in Wezone, G2 and Kamus. The experience was great and this year we will repeat the experience visiting some boxes to share the CrossFit Open party.

We have prepared tips for you to make your 22.1 more bearable and we have also prepared an OPEN PACK for you to wear socks for the first time each week. Take the Open pack for only €33 (€11 each eye sock).

We leave you the video of the live announcement of the CrossFit Open 22.1

The Workout Open 22.1

Complete the maximum number of rounds possible in 15 minutes of:

3 wall walks
12 dumbbell snatches
15 box jump overs

22.5kg men - 15kg women

How to deal with it?

In 2022 we start the CrossFit Open with the "dear" wallwalks. But wait!! there are only 3... sounds easy. Let's take this with a grain of salt, because NO, it's not like that ;)

We have a first workout lasting 15 minutes. This means that we cannot start very fast so we will pay for it after the middle of the training. We should start at a pace that we can maintain throughout the wood and if you want to speed up, do it after the first 10 minutes. (Don't play a Noah Ohlsen)

The Wall walks are very demanding at the shoulder level and after finishing them you have to start with the snatches. So your shoulders are going to have a lot of work. Do a good warm-up before the wood and for it.

In boxjumps you can take two paths:

  1. Jump high with a more powerful jump.
  2. Jump low and land with bent knees.

These two paths in the box jump over depend a bit on the type of athlete you are. The high jump will penalize you in pulsations and the low jump will attack your legs more.

Here are some tips for the different exercises:

  • Wall Walks: It will be the movement that chokes you the most. So try to rest before each repetition and do them as quickly as possible. Raise your legs to the maximum at the beginning and the steps with your hands that are as few as possible.
  • Dumbell Snatch: Attention to your lower back, take advantage of the momentum of your legs by flexing each repetition. The sets have to be unbroken so practice changing hands in the air.
  • Box Jump Over: Don't get excited and keep up. Don't let the jumps take your breath away, better slow and steady than fast and with stops for oxygen. Important to jump with the outside foot on the edge of the box to lower it effortlessly, lower one foot and then the other, save energy.

Tips from the Pros

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