CrossFit Open 2022 - Everything you need

CrossFit Open 2022 - Todo lo que necesitas

What is the CrossFit Open?

The CrossFit Open is an online competition open to everyone and is the first phase to participate in the CrossFit Games 2022. There are three workouts over three weeks where participants have 4-5 days to do the wods and present their results.
The best classified advance to the next round, the Quarterfinals.

When is the CrossFit Open held?

The official dates of the 3 weeks of the Open are:

  • 22.1 : February 24 to 28
  • 22.2 : March 3 to 7
  • 22.3 : March 10 to 14

How do I participate?

It is as simple as entering the CrossFit Games website and registering. The registration fee is $20.

What material will I need?

CrossFit Games has announced the necessary material to carry out the Open:

  • Dumbell RX (22.5 / 15kg) Scaled (15 / 9kg)
  • A pair of Snatch Lover socks ;)
  • Barbell (20 / 15kg)
  • Discs
  • Drawer
  • pull up bar
  • jump rope
  • wall space

We are already prepared for this year's Open. We may not be able to qualify for the quarterfinals but that's not our goal either. Our goal is to have fun, push limits and share with the entire CrossFit community in what is already the CrossFit party.

P.S. Pay close attention to our networks because we will have surprises for those who participate in the CrossFit open :)